Thomas' Wildlife
Pest Control LLC

“We kick them out and keep them out.”


-Wildlife Proofing of structures for all species.*

-Ground exclusions for all species.*

-Fecal matter removal.

-Odor neutralizing.

-Carcass removal.

-Rodenticide control for Voles.

-Custom built nesting and aggregate boxes for birds and wildlife.

-Bird repellent installation.

-Deer fencing installation.

-Removal and replacement of damaged insulation.

-Soffit, siding and fascia replacement.

-Sheetrock repair.

-Roofing repair.

-Large scale Whitetail Deer control

*”Wildlife Proofing” describes the process in which we affix one-way doors to areas where nuisance wildlife is entering and exiting a building. We then proceed to seal off any other potential entrances/exits on the exterior of the structure. Any animals/birds left inside are able to escape from the interior through our one-way doors. Once outside the animals/birds will be unable to regain access to the building’s interior. The one-way doors are removed once all wildlife has vacated the building and the remaining entrances/exits are permanently sealed off.*

*”Ground exclusion” describes the process in which we screen off the bottoms of  buildings, barns, sheds, pools or porches in order to prevent wildlife from digging underneath them. One-way doors are utilized if we suspect any wildlife of being underneath a structure during ground exclusion to ensure that nothing is left trapped below the structure.*
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